See beauty in your brokenness w/Tynia Lewis

When you have been through a season of brokenness, you feel like something is missing. All of these broken pieces, and you have no idea how to put them back together or see their beauty.

In this interview, I spoke with Tynia Lewis of Kandid Konversation Blog and Podcast about her definition of being broken. She explains the different situations that caused her to be broken and what she had to do to become healed. Her brokenness came out in a therapy session when she had to look in a mirror and do some inner work.

Listen to the interview here. or watch it live on YouTube video by clicking here!

Check out her new book: Shattered Glass: Broken or Beautiful

Connect with Tynia Lewis at:

Instagram: @knowingnia  Instagram: @kahanakandles Blog: @kandidkonversations Podcast: @kandidkonversations

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