Season 5 Starts Oct 17, 2022!

Have you said this before when someone asked you, “Hey, how are you doing?” Your response was, “I’m fine, or I’m good,” but you didn’t mean it? Well, you are not the only one! My name is Arvilla Beckworth, and I am the host of A second chance at lifeĀ®. A weekly podcast that encouragesContinue reading “Season 5 Starts Oct 17, 2022!”

See beauty in your brokenness w/Tynia Lewis

When you have been through a season of brokenness, you feel like something is missing. All of these broken pieces, and you have no idea how to put them back together or see their beauty. In this interview, I spoke with Tynia Lewis of Kandid Konversation Blog and Podcast about her definition of being broken.Continue reading “See beauty in your brokenness w/Tynia Lewis”

Because I’m Worth It w/Dr. Glenice D Glover

In this interview, I talk with Dr. Glenice D Glover about how women sometimes struggle to know their values and worth. The process of loving yourself is an ongoing journey that starts within you.  Unfortunately, no one is immune to low self-worth, so it’s important to learn what you need to build yourself up earlyContinue reading “Because I’m Worth It w/Dr. Glenice D Glover”

How to be a confident women

Confidence is something we all have. We just need to be reminded of it from time to time. When you are confident, you trust your abilities, judgment, and worth. You see life in a positive light.  But when your confidence is low, you have trouble accepting positive feedback, are hard on yourself, and have negativeContinue reading “How to be a confident women”