How to recognize a narcissist

How many of you know a narcissist? I believe we all have seen, met, worked with, been around, maybe in a relationship with a Narcissist. Someone who thinks you should praise the ground they walk on exaggerates their accomplishments and even removes people from their lives if they are not beneficial to them.

Taylor Counseling Group stated in an article “How to deal with a narcissistic family member,” April 2, 2021, that an estimated 5% of the American population may have a narcissistic condition. I am in no shape or form a qualified therapist, but I had a past relationship with a narcissist that made me feel like I was the problem and I could never make them happy.

The signs were there; I did not know it at the time. SO in this episode, I want to help someone recognize the traits and avoid being in a toxic relationship.

If you need help healing from a narcissistic relationship, please contact Joy Larkin of Live Narc Free, LLC. She is a Narcissist Abuse Coach who specializes in how to overcome narc abuse and turning your pain into power. Let her know Arvilla sent you! Joy Larkin at Instagram:

Check out today’s episode!  

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