Dumping Debt

What would your life look like if you had no debt? Would you be able to…Take more vacations? Retire early? Start a business? Send your child to college debt-free? Take care of your parents?

I know a lot of us would love to have some extra money each month.

At the age of 19, I had over eight credit cards, and I was irresponsible with them all. As I got older, debt stopped me from buying my first home, pay a higher interest rate on a new car, and denied me from getting loans. Debt had me wrapped up, that I had to file bankruptcy to get a fresh start.

In 2013, I found Financial Peace University and slowly worked my way back to cleaning up my debt. In this episode, I talk about getting out of debt and ways you can pay your debt off. 

Click here listen to this week’s episode!

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