Episode 35, Giving from your overflow

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are getting some much needed rest this holiday weekend!

This month I have been talking about replenishing yourself and getting your energy intact. I spoke about how to recognize the signs of burnout and then how to incorporate self-care into your routine. Now I want to talk about giving from your overflow.

As long as you are giving to others from a place of depletion, you will never be full. Imagine an empty glass and a full pitcher. The glass in it’s natural state is empty, but when you start to pour the content in the pitcher into the glass, it feels up. Once the glass fills up, you can either stop or continue to keep pouring.

The excess of the pouring is your overflow. Please do not give from your cup because this is what you need to function each day. Give to others and things from the extra overflow you have.

Stop saving the world and start saving you! Go ahead and listen to this week’s episode!

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Click here to listen to this week’s episode!

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