Are you really living?

Have you ever asked yourself, “I am living my full potential ?”  In this episode, I give you three ways to start living. Doing my mid-year reset, I asked myself that same question, and I noticed that I have been playing it safe in some areas. I am doing just enough to get by. But,Continue reading “Are you really living?”

Why self-care is important in our life

Self-care is something that we all need. I, unfortunately, neglected self-care and become overextend/burnout. I knew I was not doing the things I needed to keep my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical space intact.I thought I could push through, and my body would bounce back like it usually did, but not this time. My bodyContinue reading “Why self-care is important in our life”

Interview w/Brittany Mcleod, Mastering Money

In this episode, I talk with Brittany about managing finances. At the age of 29, she challenged 10 of her friends to save $10,000 (by the end of 2021) holding, them accountable with their finances.  Not only can she spot a deal a mile away, but she was able to lower her finances, create aContinue reading “Interview w/Brittany Mcleod, Mastering Money”

When it’s time to walk away

There will be times when certain situations no longer serve you. Whether it be a job, dream, relationship, etc. We have to decide to walk away and be ok with starting over. A few questions you can ask yourself to see if you need to walk away are…Is there a better option? Is it causingContinue reading “When it’s time to walk away”

How to deal with unresolved hurt

Is there something that you are carrying that keeps showing up in your life?  Something you thought you dealt with but showed up at the wrong time? Maybe it’s fear, insecurity, hurt, rejection, low self-esteem, resentment, or jealousy? Old habits are hard to break when we do not heal from them, and I can speakContinue reading “How to deal with unresolved hurt”

Second Chances

What does a second chance mean for you? Does it mean a redo, to fix something you messed up, or start over? I had to look up the definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and it stated it’s “An opportunity to try something again after failing one time.” I know I am not the only oneContinue reading “Second Chances”

Taking care of Self with Kathy Garner

Is self-care a number one priority on your list? Most people will say NO because they either do not have enough time or it cost too much to keep it up. Well let me clear the air. First, you make time for what is important to you. When you need something bad enough, you willContinue reading “Taking care of Self with Kathy Garner”

Happy 1 year Anniversary!

Do you know what today is? It’s our anniversary! I can’t believe Jan 3, 2020, I was nervous about starting a podcast because I didn’t feel qualified. Doubt kept creeping in, and I wasn’t sure who would listen, but I put myself out there anyway. During this year I learned so much about myself.  HowContinue reading “Happy 1 year Anniversary!”

Episode 45, Letting go of baggage

Have you been hurt by how a relationship ended? Or what about every new relationship you got into felt like the last one? If you do not heal from your past relationship you will continue to repeat the cycle over again and have the baggage to prove it. Once a relationship has ended, use theContinue reading “Episode 45, Letting go of baggage”

Episode 44, Get ready for what you asked for

Have you ever asked God for something hoping he would give it to you just because you asked? My passion is to help women but my weakness is speaking in public. Every time there was an opportunity to speak in front of others, I would either decline or be so nervous that I would fumbleContinue reading “Episode 44, Get ready for what you asked for”