Pursing your dreams with April Denzmore

What do you do when you put your dreams on hold to focus on your family?  In today’s interview, I spoke with a single mother of 2 who courageously stepped out and pursued her dreams. Obstacles came her way, but she knew she had a legacy to leave to her daughters.

With discipline, resilience, and coach, April left her 9 to 5 job to pursue her dreams full time. The thing that kept her focused was knowing her WHY.

“Your WHY will give you the fuel to push through.” -April Denzmore. Dreams and goals are the two things that keep us looking forward to a better life. But, until we choose to go after them and make them come true, they will stay right where we left them, in our minds.

If you ever were discouraged because you have yet to pursue your dreams, take a listen to this week’s episode!

click here to listen to episode!

You can reach April at www.yourhighnesscleaning.com Facebook at Personal: @aprilmarie   Business: Your Highness Cleaning Service LLC

Instagram at Personal:@aprilmarie002  Business @Yourhighnesscleaningservice

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