Exiting a relationship with a narcissist

As I wrap up the narcissist series, I want to encourage anyone who is currently in a relationship with a narcissist and is ready to leave to get a support system around you to make that transition safely.

Once a narcissist knows that the relationship has come to an end, they may try to do everything in their power to win you back. Be strong and remember why you are leaving.

In this episode, I give three quick tips to help you on your journey.Create an exit plan to physically leave. Remove all contact with this person. The less interaction the better. Find closure and heal. Find a therapist who specializes in traumatic abuse.

If you need help healing from a narcissistic relationship, please contact Joy Larkin of Live Narc Free, LLC. She is a Narcissist Abuse Coach who specializes in how to overcome narc abuse and turning your pain into power. Let here know Arvilla sent you!

Joy Larkin at www.livenarcfree.com

Instagram: @livenarcfree.llc

Check out today’s episode!

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