Dealing with a family member who is a narcissist

It can be difficult when someone you love doesn’t know how to love you back. They lack empathy and even blame others, but what do you do when it is your family member? In this episode, I give you four tips to deal with a narcissistic family member.

Please don’t call them a narcissist: Unfortunately, people with a narcissistic personality disorder will not recognize that they are the problem. They cannot see their behavior.

Please don’t argue with them; you will not win: They see themself as the victim, and you are the problem. Offer them a compliment first, then give them a small dose of negative feedback.

Set limits and boundaries: Decide to give some space to the other person or cut ties altogether. You may not be able to control their behavior, but you can prevent being around them.

Seek counseling and support from family members: Get a support system that will build you up and help you heal from the hurt.

If you need help healing from a narcissistic relationship, please contact Joy Larkin of Live Narc Free, LLC. She is a Narcissist Abuse Coach who specializes in how to overcome narc abuse and turning your pain into power. Let here know Arvilla sent you! Joy Larkin at Instagram:

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