How to reset your mid-year

Can you believe the first half of 2021 is complete?

In this episode, I give you eight things you can reset. I was initially going to do ten but forgot to mention them during the episode, so I listed them below.

In June, I took some time out to look at where I was in my life, and I realize that some areas were further than others, but there were some things I was behind in. So I needed to check in with myself to get back on track to finish 2021 strong.

Ten things you can do to reset your mid-year:

*Over life assessment *Get out in nature *Make sure you are getting rest *Take a social media break *Self-care (a must) *Evaluate your relationships *Re-evaluate your career *How are YOU? *Take time out in the morning and before you go to bed for quiet time *Do some mental and physical cleaning in your life

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