Health is wealth

n today’s interview, I talk with Marci Millsap of Queen’s Rx. Not only is she a serial entrepreneur, but she is serving 20 years in the military, wrote a number one selling book “Affirmation for Queens,” and is a Wellness and Personal Coach.

Her health journey started when her appendix burst, and she had to go to the hospital, where she blackout and coded. Then she came back and finally had her appendix removed after four days. 

Since it was during the quarantine in 2020, she could not see her family during that time. As she continued to stay in the hospital, her body kept getting worst, and that is when she realized something wasn’t right.

Through everything, she promised herself, she would walk again! 

Today God has given her an army full of women who are willing to go on this journey with her and make a Total Life Change!!

Listen to this week’s episode!

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