Episode 28, Celebrate your small successes

Every December 31 I would try to reflect on all the wins I accomplished 364 days before.  I knew I did something exciting, but 8 out 10 times I could not remember. If it wasn’t something major, I just brushed it off and kept moving.

Then a friend of mine told me to get a mason jar and every time I had an win/success, write it on a sticky note then fold up and put it in the jar. If I start it January 1 and end it December 30, on December 31 I could empty the jar and read everything I did for the year! 

So as of July, my jar is only 35% full. Unfortunately COVID came and slowed some things down but it didn’t stop wins from happening.

If you want to see my jar, go to my instagram page @arvilla_beckworth

Click here to listen to this week’s episode!

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